Marketplace Excellence Corp

January 1, 2018

Reverend A.R. Bernard Sr.

“Our lives are composed of our choices Our choices determine our destiny. Choices have benefits and consequences Your best life is just a series of choices away, which means it’s within your reach by the choices you make.” – Reverend A.R. Bernard Sr., Founder, Senior Pastor and CEO, Christian Cultural Center, Brooklyn, New York
“Now is a perfect time to visit and support the Caribbean and to see for yourselves how the resilience of our people offers travelers from around the world an exceptional experience – especially during this winter season and beyond.” – Frank Comito, CEO and Director General, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association
“Having such exemplary sales and management professionals in leadership positions at Comfort Suites Paradise Island strengthens our efforts to attract and serve our valued clientele.” – William Naughton, Senior Vice President and Managing Partner, Comfort Suites Paradise Island
“Le Plaza is continually revitalizing our hospitality product and experience to showcase our rich history and culture, including the incredible artistic repertoire of the Haitian people.” – Marc Pierre-Louis, General Manager, Le Plaza Hotel, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
“I have a special love for Dr. Binoy (Chattuparambil) because of the way he has treated me. Not only because he pretty much saved my life, but what he did after the surgery. He would come to visit me at least four times a day, and then shortly after I got out of hospital, he went on vacation to India and every day he would text Minerva [my nurse] and ask her how I was doing.” – 80-year-old Zoe Bodden, former patient at Health City Cayman Islands
“After years of experience looking at some patients…there is no scientific basis, but looking at somebody, you know, ‘Okay she’s going to make it.” – Dr. Binoy Chattuparambil, Chief Cardiac Surgeon, Health City Cayman Islands
“The end of a year is timely to monitor the performance of our achievements of the year against our objectives. It is an opportune time to set realistic targets for the year ahead and an excellent time to commit to working smarter towards the benefits of holistic prosperity and happiness.” – Dr. Basil Springer, Change-Engine Consultant