Marketplace Excellence Corp

February 10, 2019

David Shields

“The Chinese outbound market has been growing exponentially in the last five to 10 years and the Chinese are looking at new and exciting destinations with vibrant and unique cultures.” – David Shields, Vice President of Sales, Island Routes Caribbean Adventures

“A rising tide lifts all boats, so it is important that Caribbean destinations work more collaboratively to earn a greater share of the global tourism business.” – Joe Boschulte, Commissioner Designee, U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism

“A healthy hotel sector is paramount to economic growth. While every sector of our tourism economy is important, specifically cruise, marinas, and vacation home rentals, it is the hotel sector which has the greatest multiplier effect on economies. They continue to have the greatest impact on employment generation, spin-off businesses, new airlift, and tax revenue. We are pleased to see performance moving in this positive direction.” – Frank Comito, Director General and CEO, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association

“A college degree is no longer a luxury that the rich and the academically and athletically gifted individuals can obtain. Higher education is a basic necessity and must be provided in the same way we provide other basic necessities.” – Dr. David Hall, President, University of the Virgin Islands

“Our young professionals have demonstrated exceptional discipline and performed with excellence during their respective series, bringing both pride and joy to the people of the region and our Diaspora.” – Dave Cameron, President, Cricket West Indies

“The Caribbean is rich in history, culture and surrounded by a playground of water, all of which inspire … many of the events and festivals. Whether … carnivals, world-class music, sports, or food, these festivals and events also have a way of bringing people together and so we want to ensure that travelers around the world know about these experiences …” – Nerdin St. Rose, Founder, 

“In loss and failure there is opportunity for growth. Look for it!” – Bishop Dale Bronner, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Austell, Georgia.

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