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April 20, 2014


Regional tourism marketer Sylma Brown

“We see the support of the Sandals Foundation as demonstrative of the Caribbean’s growing global prowess as a sustainable tourism destination. Through this support we plan to enhance our Caribbean tourism management strategy through two important pillars: stronger relations with our large Diaspora and by honing the creative skills of the next generation of Caribbean tourism leaders.” – Sylma Brown, Director, Caribbean Tourism Organization – USA
“The truth is, if anyone can come forward with an iota of evidence to support that the Centre of Excellence is being sold by Jack Warner to any consortium of businessmen, local or foreign, I will sell all my worldly possessions to that person for one dollar.” – Jack Warner, former FIFA Vice President/ Member of Parliament Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean360)
“I am more than pleased with the results in the sense that the directors of the IMF that we met, all expressed tremendous support for Grenada’s Homegrown Programme and the fact that we have started implementing some of it and they indicated that they felt we were courageous in what we were doing and because of this they were behind us 100 per cent.” – Dr. Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister, Grenada (Caribbean360)
“The sustainable jet fuel produced each year will be enough to power our flights from London City Airport twice over with carbon savings the equivalent of taking 150,000 cars off the road.” – Willie Walsh, CEO, International Airlines Group (which owns British Airways) (TravelMole)
“When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” – Lupita Nyong’o, Kenyan Oscar-winning actress
“If your tastes don’t change as you get older, it means you’re not growing as a person! New growth = New appetites and desires!” – Bishop Dale C. Bronner, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Austell, Georgia
“As we listen once again to the Easter or Passover story, we understand that anything is possible and that faith helps us carry on. This holiday season we ask each of you to focus on all that is good and right in your lives, and be thankful for the blessings you have received. Open your hearts to those less fortunate and make a conscious effort to help others make their lives better and more meaningful.” – John P. de Jongh, Jr., Governor, United States Virgin Islands

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