Marketplace Excellence Corp

April 24, 2011

“(Haitian-Turks & Caicos Islander Jacqueline Charles’) work is an inspiration for reporters who want to bring the cultural history of the African Diaspora into the realm of greater understanding of people of color. I salute her work as an example for inspiring and fearless journalism, meeting the goal of NABJ’s coverage of our communities. She shines a light on communities that deserve greater coverage and that offer black journalists a linkage to our history.” – Deirdre M. Childress, Vice President-Print, National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)
“By presenting the best and brightest of our filmmakers, our intention is to create a platform on the world stage for Brand Caribbean.” – Frances-Anne Solomon, Founder and CEO, CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution
“Instead, REDjet offers a different product, no frills, but always better.” – Alicia Lynch, Sales and Promotions Manager, REDjet (Jamaica Gleaner)
“If you are producing a service or a product of any kind and trying to sell at a lower cost than the cost of production, it doesn’t matter what you are selling; it is not a sustainable business model.” – Jean Holder, Chairman, LIAT (Barbados Nation)
“Tourism has proven its resilience and can be manipulated and managed to drive the process of economic recovery to the creation of real wealth for a nation and its nationals. We need to focus on developing, refurbishing, and innovating. Critical to this is the introduction of new technology (and) new room-stock in order to attain a new look and ensure…that our product and rooms remain fresh and crisp.” – Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism, Jamaica
“The Government of St. Lucia remains absolutely committed to this process in terms of what it means for the non-stop flights coming into St. Lucia and the ability of St. Lucians and visitors to connect much quicker.” – Senator Hon. Allen Chastanet, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Saint Lucia
“We used to have a system for internet access where guests had to enter credit card information every day to get access. When you are charging a person for Internet and don’t have a link for them to charge straight to (the) room, people hate that. Especially if (it) expires after 24 hours. Now you just hit agree and you are on. From a user perspective, little things like that are enormous.” – Dermot Connolly, Managing Director, El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico (Hotel Interactive)
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