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August 7, 2013

Lisa Wickham
Lisa Wickham, CEO, Imagine Media International

“I don’t see myself as a woman in business. I just see myself as Lisa doing business. Things only get meaning when we attach meaning to it. Respect me as an individual and for what I bring to the table, that’s more important to me than saying I’m a woman and you’re supposed to treat me in a particular way. Some people may think I’m being naive, but I relate to someone as an individual I have to do business with, whether it’s a man or a woman, it does not matter to me. Integrity is very important. Your reputation, having a good name that people could trust, I think that is also very important. Also being able to reinvent yourself so that you remain current and relevant and at the same time you are true to your craft and who you are and not being caught up in the fame and glamour but doing it because it’s what you really want to do.” – Lisa Wickham, CEO, Imagine Media International Limited (Trinidad Express)
“Every one of us should accept the admonition of the Tuskegee Airmen, ‘We will fight, we will fight, we will fight…It’s time to operate as free black men and women,” and also to “accept the responsibility for [mentoring] the next generation.” – Roland Martin, Journalist (Richard Prince’s Journal-isms)
“We have been too myopic to see anything other than the urge to hoard in the present and we give no thought to God’s solutions or to the soul’s preservation. We need not be anxious, God will provide. We hoard. We think only of the present and try to get it all now. We need to take note of the Lord’s Prayer – give us this day our daily bread. Like the rich fool (parable), we cannot see beyond the physical, we cannot see beyond self, we cannot see beyond the present. And then we celebrate emancipation. But what are we celebrating when in truth and in fact we are still very much enslaved.” – Reverend Roslyn Hamblin (Barbados Advocate)
“This is a serious matter. I don’t see how LIAT can be asked to pay up to (US) $150 a barrel for fuel while CAL (Caribbean Airlines) pays only (US)$50 and competing on the same routes. That’s unacceptable. It is wrong, it is unlawful and I have the facts and I have the law on my side with this one”. – Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Trinidad and Tobago Newsday)
“If we do a better job of focusing on our commonality rather than our differences, everyone is going to benefit in the long run. I think we got lazy and we took it for granted and we have to now take it back, take a slice of the warm weather destination market because we were the originals.” – Richard Doumeng, President, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (Antigua Hotels and Tourist Association News)
“We continue to place emphasis on multicultural marketing as a destination, and our relationship with NABJ (the National Association of Black Journalists) and the African American media enables us to help create memorable vacation experiences when African Americans visit our shores.” – Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Commissioner of Tourism, United States Virgin Islands
“We are going through a recession and there is talk about our laying off people and yet . . . so far for this year I have counted in our newspapers 14 notices headed ‘work permit’.” – Trevor Marshall, Historian (Barbados Nation)

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