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ORLANDO (October 20, 2011) – A young, talented and attractive Caribbean singer wants to use her gifts, talents and abilities to promote her hometown and the region which she calls home.
The Orlando-based K-Victoria or Kmisha Counts, has already made waves in her native St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, with recent hits such as “Let Dem Know” and “Girl Power” (a collaboration with Bajan soca queen Alison Hinds), but she wants to elevate her game and go global with her music.

And going global is not unfamiliar territory for the Virgin Islander who was a finalist and talent winner at the 2005 Miss World Pageant in China while representing the US Virgin Islands.
“A lot of my opportunities and experiences came from my culture and community,” adding she wants to give back and represent the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean in a positive way.
“Our main industry is tourism so I can see how gaining exposure as an artist will be a benefit – and I love that. If I can do that with my music, my videos, my opportunities, then I would have done a great thing.”
The articulate 24 year-old, versatile in most genres of music – from R & B and reggae to soul and pop – is part of a group of young and promising independent musicians, songwriters, producers, and artists called “The Ink” and “Out Da Box Music Group”, who have independently collaborated with names such as Sean Kingston, Iyaz, Trina, Alison Hinds, and Honorebel.
A graduate in music business management from Berklee College of Music, K-Victoria is no “one-hit wonder” and in addition to writing and singing, she brings both business skills and a sense of responsibility to her music. “I personally feel a responsibility and I have a boundary that I am not interested in crossing,” K-Victoria reasons. “People who collaborate with me musically will have to understand that.”
But she warns that the world is changing and children are exposed to many “grown up” things, especially on television. So “it is the responsibility of not only parents, but also the community to censor or not allow the youth to see or listen to (tasteless lyrics).”
“I just pray to God I can do my best and do what He would want me to do as a vessel. I am always growing, and at the end of the day, I can never promise to be a perfect person because I’m human. But in my music I can promise to be honest. I will never sing about something I don’t believe in,” she pledged.
K-Victoria looks up to her mother as a role model, admiring her character and integrity, while her father’s drive to get things done inspires her. Musically, she admires Buju Banton, Rachelle Ferrel, Aaliah, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Alison Hinds and Pressure Buss Pipe of the US Virgin Islands.
In addition to seeking more time learning from the likes of Alison Hinds, the Virgin Islander has a vision to be a dominate player in the music industry and touch lives in a positive way. But that’s not enough. She wants to spread into other lanes of entertainment. “I’ve always enjoyed writing plays, movie scripting also … I’ve acted in musicals since I was three. There’s just so much I want to do and as long as nothing’s stopping me I will aim to do it.”
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CAPTION: K-Victoria, a Caribbean sensation.