Carnival Corporation’s new leader looks to the future

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Josh Weinstein, President, CEO and Chief Climate Officer, Carnival Corporation & plc

FCCA President Adam Ceserano (left) and Carnival Corporation President Josh Weinstein speak during this week’s webinar.

Josh Weinstein, the new President, CEO and Chief Climate Officer of Carnival Corporation & plc, is on a mission to return the cruise company to profitability following the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.


During a webinar this week, he addressed wide-ranging, cruise-related issues with Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) President Adam Cesarano.


Key takeaways from the webinar follow:


Immediate and long-term goals

The immediate goal is to shift from returning to service to returning to strong profitability and to get the company’s footing on solid ground. For the longer term, Carnival will monitor costs, reduce its debt, and work with destination partners to ensure that experiences are being delivered, so that passengers enjoy themselves and want to return.


Staff retention

Ensure the company is the employer of choice in the travel and leisure industry; attract positive team members and help them grow their careers so they want to stay.



Work with partners around the world to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure all is being done to be a responsible, healthy organization and a good corporate citizen. Carnival’s 2021 sustainability report is available on its corporate website.


Climate change prerogatives

Carnival is reducing its carbon footprint every year and aspires to be carbon neutral by 2050. The company will monitor technology advances on fuels, batteries and methanol and will invite Caribbean partners to join in the process of identifying technologies which will propel them towards carbon neutrality.


Smart partnerships 

Work with FCCA for collaboration, coordination, communication and deepening of relationships with destinations. Carnival is grateful for FCCA’s support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Caribbean summer capacity

Work with destination partners to enhance understanding of guest desires and drivers of demand. Look at emerging opportunities and make summer cruising more attractive.


Demand for cruising

Develop more niche products – e.g., cultural, heritage, astronomy, adventure – that broaden appeal to cruise ship guests.



Uphold brand ethos and consistent standards while evolving and reinventing itself.


Smaller tour operators

Offering a differentiated product helps to satisfy guest expectations. FCCA is a good resource when seeking connections with cruise line executives.


FCCA Conference

The upcoming FCCA 28th annual cruise conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from October 11 to 14, 2022, is an important forum and an opportunity to educate cruise executives about destination developments. For more information, visit

To view the webinar, visit

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