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December 7, 2014

Jeff Vasser

“We welcome today’s announcement by (British) Chancellor (George) Osborne about the elimination of the Air Passenger Duty on children as this alleviates costs for family vacations and essentially cuts the taxes in half for a family of two adults and two children. The timing of the abolition of the tax will further benefit families as (the cost of) vacations in the Caribbean are reduced for summertime travel.” – Jeff Vasser, Director General, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association
“We can pretty much expect a growth of about six per cent in the next year; things are on the way back up for us and with the additional airlift capacity into Barbados – with British Airways increasing their flights and Virgin (Atlantic) sustaining their flights into Barbados. I think that is a good picture.” – Alvin Jemmott, Chairman, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (Barbados Advocate)
“It’s been a lengthy road to get this uncertainty behind us, but it’s also been a blessing in disguise because we can now complete our development plans sustainably without pursuing the original goal of doubling the size of the existing accommodations.” – John Copeland, Executive Director of The Body Corporate, The Landings St. Lucia
“Being part of Choice Hotels International, especially as an Ascend Hotel Collection member, helps us, for sure, to increase our presence in the North American market.” – Henry Martijn, Sales Manager, ACOYA Hotel Suites and Villas, CuraƧao
“The Francophonie have chosen and chosen well. It’s the time to allow us now to contribute what the female voice will give. We’ve never had a female Secretary-General (of the Commonwealth) but we can have one now if we choose. I would like to see (the) Anglophone Commonwealth joining together with the Francophonie and I think that Madame (MichaĆ«lle ) Jean and I would make a formidable pair.” – Baroness Patricia Scotland (Rogers Radio Caribbean)
“I think this Health City is one of the best things (that) could come to Cayman. With their skillful hands, and through God’s intervention, I think (it) all played a part in making this come true.” – Ralph Wright, heart surgery patient, Health City Cayman Islands
“If you do something with your whole heart and it’s a mistake, you can live with that.” – Florence Welch, British musician
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