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From Bevan Springer
New York Amsterdam News
NEW YORK (January 3, 2013) – It’s a brand new day, a brand new month when we usher in a brand new year.
As we wish our readers a Happy New Year, many are on a mission to keep their newly crafted resolutions, while some have already forgotten them.
I have not made any resolutions this year, nor any year that I can recall for that matter. However, there are areas where I believe I can do better in 2013.
Diet, exercise, discipline and developing closer fellowship with God are principle areas where work is necessary.
Investing in relationships is right up there.
A wise man once opined our destiny is tied to our relationships. A principle which becomes clearer when we reflect on some of the key turning points of our life.
As I go down memory lane, in addition to my parents and siblings, there are a few men and women who are mainly responsible for the shaping of my character.
These individuals have pointed me to opportunities which may have passed me by unheeded.
Enlightened individuals have added texture, depth and beauty to my faith.
Then there are the references and endorsements which have opened many other doors when key entry points were closed shut.
So for 2013, I aspire to do more in this department, not just in the area of forging new ties and investing in mutually beneficial relationships, but at the ripe age of 40, it is time to give back and do more to invest in other people’s lives.
The good book teaches us a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. We often interpret this solely as leaving a financial or material inheritance for the up and coming generation, but it begins to mean so much more when we pass along the knowledge, understanding and wisdom we have gained through the decades.
There are many young people in need of mentors – people to encourage them to convert their visions to reality, to keep their faith strong, to use their gifts, to work smart, and to follow their hearts so they can succeed in life.
As we give thanks for this new beginning let’s make that investment in the future. The same investment which was made in us so we can make a difference in the lives of the leaders and enlightened individuals of tomorrow.

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