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January 4, 2015

Prime Minister Denzil Douglas
UN Photo/Evan Schneider

“Our ability to draw upon the resources of the European Union and the (International Monetary Fund) IMF during difficult times was positively influenced by our outstanding capacity to implement and execute the plans we decided upon.” – Dr. Denzil Douglas, Prime Minister, St. Kitts and Nevis

“We don’t want to be an administration of perfection. We want to be an administration of excellence.” – Kenneth Mapp, Governor, United States Virgin Islands (St. Croix Source)
“Most people in North America would be surprised to learn that healthcare exports are the top source of foreign currency for Cuba, even before tourism.” – Melissa Marchand, Managing Director, Global News Matters
“The parting is a mutual and amicable decision between CHTA (Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association) and (Jeff) Vasser. We have already begun the process of vetting a replacement (CEO and Director General).” – Emil Lee, President, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (Travel Weekly)
“We are very pleased and honored to partner with Surinam Airways, and to support each other as we grow our airlines. Surinam Airways is an excellent operator with a breadth of experience and we expect to share best practices and find common areas of cost reduction and operational support.” – Ed Wegel, President and CEO, Eastern Air Lines (Caribbean Journal)
“It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”
Bill Gates, American businessman and philanthropist
“I love the reggae music coming out of St. Croix; producers of great quality are there and I am a quality artist from St. Thomas so I said let me join forces with the talent here at home to create good music and show people what the USVI has to offer because that’s very important to me.” – Pressure Busspipe, Reggae Artist (For more, read Audio Allspice: Muscial Musings with Pat Meschino)
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