Marketplace Excellence Corp

July 5, 2015

Karen Whitt

“You cannot be a successful general manager in this dynamic industry without a very strong team behind you. You must be able to work alongside individuals who share your vision, your goals, who have that strength and that passion for hospitality. You have to work closely together with your team. And you have to be able to trust each other at all times. And without that you cannot, you just cannot be successful.” – Karen Whitt, General Manager, The Regent Palms, Turks and Caicos Islands

“The region can’t blame Cuba for its success. We need to look at those factors which have contributed to its success – product diversity, infusing culture and history into the visitor experience, investments in education and training, competitive pricing, lower operating costs. We need policies and practices which drive business, and not drive away business.” – Frank Comito, CEO, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association
“The overall quality of the visitor experience is influenced by the diversity and quality of tourism products and services being offered by the destination. The Caribbean’s tourism market share and overall competitiveness is gradually being eroded as the perception is that the region’s tourism product is jaded and needs an injection of investment to introduce new products and services, and re-fresh existing products that can excite today’s customer.” – Bonita Morgan, Director, Resource Mobilization and Development, Caribbean Tourism Organization
“The societies and economies in the Caribbean are in a state of endemic chaos and need a good comprehensive spring cleaning before attempting to move forward. We need to get rid of the cobwebs of lethargy, laziness and lawlessness, covered with accumulated dirt and dust, and replace them with the sparkle of networks which radiate rays of delight, drive and discipline. We need to get rid of the traditional thinking which has got us into a state of economic inertia and replace it with visionary thinking by a new brand of leadership which will launch us into orbits of innovation and growth.” – Dr. Basil Springer, Change Engine Consultant, Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust
“It is imperative that we continue our efforts to ensure that U.S. diplomatic relations with the Caribbean remain strong and a key priority in our foreign policy.” – Barbara Lee, United States Congresswoman
“Special events such as Music Fest help to drive business throughout the summer months. We are looking forward to, not only enjoying some great music and entertainment, but also welcoming many visitors and festival goers to Charlotte Amalie.” – Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Commissioner of Tourism, United States Virgin Islands
“Happiness is learning to live beyond the opinions of people and learning to see yourself from God’s point of view.” – Reverend A.R. Bernard, Senior Pastor, Christian Cultural Center, Brooklyn, New York