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June 1, 2014

Yolande Selman

“This is the first time a port in Trinidad and Tobago has been included on a Mediterranean Shipping Company Cruises (MSC) itinerary and we consider this a momentous occasion for the destination.” – Yolande Selman, Acting CEO, Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC)
“I want to emphasize, at this point, that we are in no way engaged in unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky, wishful thinking on the score of fiscal redress. With a keen eye on the state of our economy and mindful of the need to maintain and support its upward, forward momentum, we are embarked on a mutually-reinforcing plan of national development and fiscal consolidation that is balanced and measured. As such, our aim is set on gradual, though assured, progress on the fiscal front.” – Perry Christie, Prime Minister, The Bahamas (Caribbean Journal)
“Most people in Barbados are affected some way by tourism because nearly everyone has a job that is tourism related. If you work at the airport, that is related to tourism; if you work at the Bridgetown Port, that is related to tourism. Persons who sell vegetables also sell to hotels and restaurants – so that is a tourism related business as well. If you sell chickens, if you are a fisherman; no matter what you do in Barbados, it has some relationship to tourism and we want you to understand that from a very early age.” – Alvin Jemmott, General Manager, Divi Southwinds (Barbados Advocate)
“As America celebrates our Caribbean heritage, let us hold fast to the spirit that makes our country a beacon to the world. This month, let us remember that we are always at our best when we focus not on what we can tear down, but on what we can build up. And together, let us strengthen the bonds that hold together the most diverse Nation on earth.” – Barack Obama, President, United States of America
“Usain Bolt is a global legend from the Caribbean who continues to make history and to make us proud. We are thrilled to have his training spikes from the 2013 World Championship Games as a part of the CTO’s Caribbean Week auction.” – Sylma Brown, Director, Caribbean Tourism Organization – USA, Inc.
“It is not so much the dropping of a player, but the callous manner in which they are on occasion dispatched from the team. Darren Sammy may not have been one of the greatest cricketers to play for the West Indies, but he was a great leader and team player, always giving of his best and that is 100% at all times.” – Wayne Cadogan, Writer (Caribbean360)
“Some people want to make music to be famous, and that’s totally OK. I just want to help people with my music. I want to lift them up and make them feel better about things.” – Molly Kate Kestner, Teenage Singer (Austin Daily Herald)
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