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June 11, 2013

Pstor Bernard

Pastor A. R. Bernard

“A good time to change your life is ‘today’.” – A. R. Bernard, Senior Pastor, Christian Cultural Center
“My time in opposition is going to be quite different in this four-year term. My form of opposition is not to stand here or in the street or some radio or elsewhere and battle the government on every front, I’ve never done it, I ain’t going to do so now … I plan to take a good rest and give the government a wide berth and offer my hand of fellowship and friendship.” – McKeeva Bush, Leader of the Opposition, Cayman Islands (Cayman Free Press)
“For many decades, the United States of America was to the developing world what China seeks now to be. Indeed, many developing countries continue to benefit from US generosity. But China is the new player on the block and she is not hiding her light under a bushel. Whether she will match America’s success in global influence remains up for debate, but if she does not, it will not be for a lack of trying.” – Zhivargo Laing, Economist, Consultant and Motivational Speaker (Caribbean Journal)
“What is the difference between loan investment and benevolent venture capital equity investment? The jargon is different. No loans, just equity. No hard collateral, just Shepherding. No interest, just dividends. No monthly payments, just an exit strategy in the form of a buy-back clause in the equity agreement to give a fair return to the institution and allow the enterprise to own 100% of its shares when the cash flows are strong enough. Venture capital addresses all the needs of the enterprise. What is needed is the belief by financial institutions that “Shepherding as collateral mitigates the risk of business failure”. – Dr. Basil Springer, Change-Engine Consultant, Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust (Barbados Advocate)
“The reason most resorts in the Bahamas fail is they never find out what the attraction is that their decision to have a resort is based on. There is no such thing as sports tourism, there is no such thing as medical tourism, there is no such thing as religious tourism. There is only tourism. Sports is the attraction, medical is the attraction, and if we understand that we have a chance to develop some vitality in this business.” – Pat Rahming, Architect (Bahamas Tribune)
“It is impossible to imagine New York and particularly Brooklyn without the vibrant presence of the 600,000 immigrants of Caribbean descent who are our families, friends and treasured partners in the prosperity and quality of life of our community. Since the first wave of Caribbean-American immigrants came to our shores through Ellis Island, they have maintained a strong cultural distinctiveness. For these pioneers, developing an identity was a difficult task but believing in an America where people can exist in their own selfhood yet find a common ground based on respect, they constructed an environment of social equality. Since then they have enriched this country socially, economically and politically with their sterling contributions.” – Kevin Parker, New York State Senator (New York Daily News)
“As a fellow Brooklynite, Grenadian-American and alum of Brooklyn College, I felt a special pride watching John (Noel’s) reporting and the superb character he displayed to those who knew him. As an award-winning journalist, he served as a source of pride for the Caribbean community and an inspiration to a generation of journalists of color.” – Jumaane Williams, New York City Council Member (New York Post)

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