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June 7, 2015

Clive Lloyd
Photo Credit: West Indies Cricket Board

“This was a tough decision for the selection panel to make. We recognise the significant contribution (Shivnarine) Chanderpaul has made to the West Indies teams over the last two decades, but we want to take this opportunity to introduce a number of young, promising players into the squad.” – Clive Lloyd, Chairman of Selection Committee, West Indies Cricket Board (Barbados Nation)
“This has nothing to do with numbers or averages. What are they saying that (Shivnarine) Chanderpaul was given the last 11 innings to get the desired number of runs to break a record? This has absolutely nothing to do with runs or numbers. It has to do with respect and Chanderpaul has earned the right to say goodbye in an acceptable way. In fact, he should be allowed to do it in his own way.” – Brian Lara, West Indies cricket legend (Trinidad Guardian)
“Excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others do.” – José Ortega y Gasset, Philosopher and Essayist
“Jamaica’s continued success in attracting visitors is not only a testament to the strength of our tourism product, but also the dedication of our local industry partners who collectively work to ensure that travelers have the best experience possible. We had a favorable winter tourist season, and are looking forward to welcoming visitors during the summer months to enjoy an array of cultural events, our cuisine, our beaches and the hospitality of our people.” – Paul Pennicook, Director of Tourism, Jamaica
“Many travelers are sophisticated ‘foodies’. Imagine the fun they can have with the chef’s undivided attention. These days, private chefs’ dining table experiences have become the ultimate special occasion treat. Our guests come to Curaçao to unwind and relax, and we believe having this option elevates the experience at ACOYA.” – Henry Martijn, Sales Manager, ACOYA Hotel Suites & Villas, Curaçao
“But the truth is that the micro investment in the context of tourism is extremely important…investment, not necessarily the large-scale investment, but the Diaspora and so on, coming back and investing in those little micro projects that are so important to enhancing the whole visitor experience. And so it is in that context that I would also like to see the Diaspora view themselves; the opportunity to bring those projects back.” – Richard Sealy, Minister of Tourism, Barbados (CMC)
“We’re happy to be constantly fueling this engine that’s driving our Caribbean economies, but let’s do it responsibly and keep the right balance.” – Hugh Riley, Secretary General, Caribbean Tourism Organization