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March 1, 2012

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller

“I think they (West Indies Cricket Board – WICB) are very rude and if anything they owe me and Jamaica an apology.” – Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica (CMC)
“My impact in the Bahamas can be measured by when (you) land in our country at the airport and you call my name, they will let you in.” – Dr. Myles Munroe, President, Bahamas Faith Ministries International (Joy Online)
“Well my husband and I just got back from celebrating our one-year anniversary and we went to St. Lucia and it was so beautiful. We stayed at this little place called the Ladera, and it’s basically three walls, and the fourth invisible wall is overlooking like a rainforest in the grand pitons. It’s really, really beautiful!” – Kellie Pickler, American country music artist (Fox News)
“We are adding BookDirect™ to our website to greatly enhance the visitor experience and send visitors directly to our hotels to book. It’s the right solution for Aruba’s hotel industry and fits our strategy perfectly as we are redesigning and moving forward into the future with a focus on digital marketing in order to align with the consumer demand for simple and direct online bookings.” – Jim Hepple, President and CEO, Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association
“Vocational training is the primary initiative for Yéle Haiti in 2012. HEAT (Hospitality Education and Training) has been designed to expose students with an in-depth knowledge as to how hotels work. This training enables them to be better prepared for understanding what high-level customer service means and enter the industry with some experience. The program helps provide much-needed job training in Haiti – vital for the country’s rebuilding – while significantly improving service standards in a growing tourist destination like Jacmel.” – Derek Johnson, CEO, Yéle Haiti
“Mobile phone vouchers create additional security and convenience here in Haiti, especially for women, who might feel more vulnerable when carrying large sums of money. With safer housing conditions, this initiative will also encourage the permanent return of camp residents to their neighborhoods and repaired homes.” – Jessica Faieta, Senior Country Director, UNDP Haiti
“I don’t know what to say to [the youth], them hard-ears and won’t hear. All I can say is love the Lord and put Him first and they would be better off. The Lord is the strength of my life and He could be theirs too if they listen and obey.” – Delphine Gibson, Barbadian Centenarian (Barbados Nation)