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November 15, 2015

Pope Francis

UN Photo/Kim Haughton

“The path of violence and hatred does not solve the problems of humanity, and using the name of God to justify this path is blasphemy.” – Pope Francis (New York Times)

“Terrorism is a scourge upon our common humanity. The people of all countries have a right to live in freedom within the laws that govern our international system. In our 21st Century world, which has become inextricably interlinked, terrorism in all its forms, particularly directed at innocent civilians, must be halted by global action. Our prayers and good wishes are with you (President Fran├žois Hollande) and the people of France.” – Gaston Browne, Prime Minister, Antigua and Barbuda
“We note the responses of eminent world leaders thus far, and consider it critically important that the international community continues to speak with one voice in the wake of Friday’s atrocity in France. An unmistakable signal must be sent to the enemies of freedom and humanity, that their campaign of terror will not break our spirit or dampen our resilience as proponents of world peace. No effort should be spared by the international community in deepening counter-terrorism collaboration and strengthening our resolve as peoples of the free world to protect our common values and reject extremism.” – Edmund Bartlett, Opposition Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Jamaica Labour Party (Jamaica Observer)
“There is this view that Jamaica’s health sector is among the worst in the world. And I want to dispel all this argument. I want to dispel of it because in looking at a sector such as health, one of the things you have to look for is what are the outcomes. No one can deny that there are challenges, but with a small spend relative to others, and what we have as outcomes, we have to recognise that we have done reasonably well.” – Dr. Fenton Ferguson, Outgoing Minister of Health, Jamaica (Jamaica Observer)
“We look forward to bringing Caribbean Travel Marketplace back to The Bahamas in 2016 as an event that will expand the Caribbean brand globally with the introduction of new tour operators to our region’s diverse hospitality product.” – Emil Lee, President, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association
“There may be more opportunity for the cruise industry in Cuba than there is in China.” – Frank Del Rio, Cuban-born CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (Travel Weekly)
“LinkedIn is not your resume; it’s your professional social media page. Share relevant content. Join the right groups. Have conversations and engage with people.” – Joe Caprio, Senior Director, West Coast Sales, InsightSquared