Marketplace Excellence Corp

October 25, 2015

Robin Hayes

“We’re not going to pick up all our planes and move them to Cuba … the infrastructure needs to support any influx of tourists are massive. It’s going to be a long time before Cuba’s full potential is realized. These transformations do not happen overnight.” – Robin Hayes, President and CEO, JetBlue Airways (Jamaica Gleaner)
“Romance continues to be a perfect match for the U.S. Virgin Islands. Greater accessibility to our islands, coupled with no need for a passport for U.S. citizens, makes this a key market for the Territory.” – Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Commissioner of Tourism, U.S. Virgin Islands
“The greatest Caribbean treasure is the Caribbean people.” – Karolin Troubetzkoy, Executive Director, Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain Resorts, St. Lucia
“Through a Caribbean diaspora brand, I believe we can become a model of individuality and collectivity that may subsequently inspire the world.” – Kwayera Archer Cunningham, President, Global Ase
“JCI is one of the world’s most demanding medical standards, and Health City Cayman Islands earned the prestigious Gold Seal of Approval after being open for just one year. That speaks volumes in terms of the quality and efficiency of the facility, as well as of the skills of the doctors, most of whom were trained in distinguished Indian medical universities.” – Frank Hans Dannenberg Castellanos, Dominican Republic Ambassador to India
“A faith that does not know how to root itself in the life of people remains arid and, rather than oases, creates other deserts.” – Pope Francis (Associated Press)
“I know His love is power, His love is glory, forever and ever.” – Heather Headley Trinidadian-American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress