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September 11, 2011

New York State Senator Eric Adams
“How dare anyone insult this rich community and this rich culture with attempting to associate the misguided behavior of the numerical minority (who) participate in criminal behavior with the millions of people who are on the parkway attempting to enjoy and celebrate the rich heritage of this culture … how dare we criticize them (West Indian American Day Carnival Association) for what they have done for over 40 years. ” – Senator Eric Adams, New York State Senate
“I would like to apologise for what could have seemed to be inappropriate behavior on the podium on the playing of the National Anthem for the 4 x 100 metres medal ceremony…At no point I had any intention to be disrespectful to the anthem or to the people who support me. My teammates and I were extremely overjoyed that we took the world record. As an Ambassador for the sport and my country, I know my responsibilities and I will never do anything to put that in jeopardy…I would therefore like to apologise again and will do all in my power to maintain my status and actions in keeping with being a Jamaican ambassador and ultimately, an ambassador for track and field,” – Usain Bolt, world record sprinter (Jamaica Gleaner)
“Unsubstantiated allegations and misleading insinuations regarding the origins and ultimate benefits of our grass-root projects reflect badly not only on the perpetrators of such false accusations, but also on the international reputation of St. Lucia, which will undoubtedly discourage foreign assistance and harm many innocent, needy people of this country.” – Statement from Taiwanese Embassy in Saint Lucia (Antigua Observer)
“The Saint Lucia Labour Party stands by the statements made by (Deputy Leader) Philip Pierre, asserting that funds from the Taiwanese Embassy found their way into the pockets of UWP (United Workers Party) parliamentarians …(The SLP) simply feels it necessary to remind Ambassador Chou that his position dictates that he stays out of Saint Lucia’s domestic politics.” – Dr. Kenny Anthony, Leader, Saint Lucia Labour Party (CMC)
“I think it was right for Government to get involved to try to see that we can get Four Seasons going, particularly the hotel component…It would do a lot to add to us as a destination, which is why the Government got involved. It is an excellent brand, it is a brand that has a very good reputation…and so if we’re an aspirational destination, it would make sense for us to have it. I sincerely hope that can happen.” – Hon. Richard Sealy, Minister of Tourism, Barbados (Barbados Nation)
“With our year-round warm climate, cool breezes, white sand beaches and azure waters, the U.S. Virgin Islands offers amateur and professional tennis players, and other sportsmen and women, ideal conditions to play in paradise.” – Cecile de Jongh, First Lady, United States Virgin Islands
“It’s the mangroves that save(d) a lot (of) persons’ lives in Portland Cottage when Hurricane Ivan and Dean slammed into the community. When the hurricanes lick Portland Cottage, the mangrove trees break the force of the water, generated by the storm surges, before it (water) flood the community.” – Derrick Whyne, fisherman from Jamaica (Panos Caribbean)