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September 2, 2011

Chef Arnold Fredrik of Suriname.
“When I travel to international culinary events and I see how people over there use their indigenous ingredients, I always wonder why in Suriname we don’t use our own ingredients more…We have diverse ingredients over here, but unfortunately we use them for only certain dishes; like our pomtayer root and the masoesa. There’s so much more you could do with these.” – Arnold Fredrik, Head Chef, BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River resort; Creator, Amazon Flavors Culinary Competition (
“There are times when we encounter a coffee so rare and special we can only get a small quantity – Jamaica Blue Mountain is a prime example, and we were thrilled to bring our customers along on this journey of discovery through our Starbucks Reserve line of premium, single-origin coffees.” – Starbucks statement (Jamaica Gleaner)
“That’s what calypso is about really, dealing with news and current affairs issues…just making notes on things, on life as it passes by … I just feel I have to keep reminding people – just remember these people (Haitians). They are us and we are them … We only connect on occasions and usually only when it’s a tragic occasion.” – Trinidadian musician David Rudder (BBC News)
“We may set our personal, business, community or national plans but one thing is virtually certain – these plans will never materialise in the way they were initially crafted. The one thing that is constant in life is change. The challenges, even though they may not be precisely predictable, arise and we have to bring ourselves back on track to reach our desired goals. We must call on our inherited spiritual legacy and not be discouraged by material challenges, induced by conservatism, negativity, disappointment and fear. We should not be tempted by the easier but unfulfilling path to “give up”; we must persevere. We must exhibit the characteristics of the “eternal optimist”. It has worked for me for three score years and ten and it will continue to work for me. I shall continue to draw down from the spiritual legacy of success.” – Dr. Basil Springer, Change-Engine Consultant, Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust (Barbados Advocate)
“This new partnership with Copa Airlines will provide travelers from South America a seamless route into the heart of Jamaica’s resort capital. Panama City is a main gateway for connecting flights throughout Central and South America. The new service provides joint benefits, increasing the potential for visitor arrivals for both destinations. Jamaicans can experience South American culture while Latin Americans can explore Montego Bay or a nearby city such as Ocho Rios and Negril.” – John Lynch, Director of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board
“For a start-up like us, the problem we have in this phase of our growth is that we don’t have a large fleet. So unlike another carriers that might have several aircraft that they can pull in as a back-up, we don’t, yet. And this is particularly compounded whilst this aircraft is away on scheduled maintenance. These issues will deplete as we grow, and we’ll be able to recover the situation better.” – Kevin Dudley Chief Operations Officer, REDjet (Barbados Nation)
“Make no mistake about it, this government will remove lawlessness at every level from this society. It is time to bring discipline back, to revive traditional values and to instill even insist on respect for rules and regulations, law and order….one cannot just attempt to remove the criminals without acknowledging the need to create initiatives that will turn around the very circumstances that have become a spawning ground for criminal activity. But I also understand that for some, the long arm of the law is our best course of action. And for those bent on remaining in a life of criminality we will take them out in one way or the other.” – Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister, Trinidad and Tobago (CMC)