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NEW YORK (July 14, 2011) – I’m just back from another inspiring trip to the Caribbean, this time to my home island of Barbados to visit my parents and celebrate my father’s 70thbirthday.
It was one of those necessary getaways since after spending the last several weeks grounded to New York, it was time for an airlift – a trip to Little Bimshire to catch up with the old folks and to engage in the therapeutic associations of island living.
Since my parents hadn’t seen me since February, they were both a little surprised and concerned about the few winter pounds – ok more than a few! – that had gathered around my midriff, partly because of the belated start of my spring/summer exercise regimen.
So concerned were the folks, that the following day, I landed myself at The Maas Clinic to visit the renowned osteopath and functional medicine practitioner Mr. Laurens Mass whose tests led me onto a new dietary protocol to reclaim the former contours of my terrain.
I heard my cousin had recently gained impressive results with Mr. Maas so I decided to take the plunge. I learned quite a bit during my three hours at the clinic and was reminded of the importance of complementary medicine and the alternative practices that lead to optimal health conditions.
An earlier foray into this field had taught me about the importance of consuming alkaline-producing foods such as green leafy vegetables and the visit to The Maas Clinic informed of the dangers of foods which promote the overabundance of yeast in our bodies. The chief culprits? Bread with yeast, sugar and that dangerous ingredient that is packed into so many foods that we eat – high fructose corn syrup.
So I have now declared that I will end two scores on terra firma in anti-fungal mode, ingesting yeast-defeating delicacies such as cassava, yams, coconut water and coconut oil. No wonder Jamaica’s world champion sprinter Usain Bolt is able to conquer the competition with his love for Jamaican ground provisions!
After five days on the rock, I am already seeing the results of the new protocol and lowered my body weight by a couple of pounds – provided of course that the scale was calibrated correctly!
What’s most important however is that this trip to the Caribbean, which included a couple of afternoon sea baths and an inspiring power walk around my former neighborhood, has no doubt rejuvenated mind and spirit as well as the body.
And as I return to the Big Apple, I am off to the specialty grocery stores to ensure I can continue to consume those fundamental foods which do the body a world of good.