Marketplace Excellence Corp

June 23, 2020

“Unfortunately, one cannot go back and remake the history but you can make atonement: it is not enough to make your apology as a public spectacle, it is not enough to present it as public relations exercise. It is not about public relations – it is about a negotiated settlement whereby everyone finds closure within a moral framework. To say sorry and issue a press release is disrespectful – it does not fly with the people who were victimized.” – Sir Hilary Beckles, Chairman, CARICOM Reparations Commission (Reuters)
“So, I said, white pastors need to speak out. But some of them missed that I also said, be an ‘informed’ voice.” – A.R. Bernard, Founder and Senior Pastor, Christian Cultural Center
“If there is no righteousness, there is no peace, and if there is no peace, there is no joy.” – Bishop Dale Bronner, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral
“We’ve started conversations about this topic with our employees at the Royal Caribbean Group, and some of those conversations are difficult. I hope you’re having these same kind of conversations in your community as well. We have to have them, because we will get past this virus. But getting to a place of real change in the fight against racism will be an even longer and more difficult battle, and we all need each other’s help.” – Richard Fain, Chairman & CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
“But the time is NOW. To reimagine the Caribbean; to create amazing places to work and live; to treat the environment as if it mattered; to eat fresh and organic; to lead healthy lives; to spawn new and innovative (creative) industries that could generate the employment that people love.” – Dr. Auliana Poon, Managing Director, Leve Global Ltd.
“Even before the new criteria for sanitization and social distancing were enacted by our government, we had taken specific steps to ensure that we operate in an environment to mitigate the spread of disease.” – Sanovnik Destang, Executive Director, Bay Gardens Resorts, St. Lucia
“Obviously the hotel industry is very optimistic that we will be able to pick up in six months. [We’re] looking forward to a sensible winter season. We know it won’t be 100 per cent but I think the figure we’re looking at is from anywhere between 60 and 70 per cent of where we were last year. That would be a decent hotel season.” – Robin Russell, Hotel Manager, Deja Resort, Jamaica (Jamaica Observer)