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Tourism industry body execs set path for 2023

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Kenneth Bryan (CTO) and Daniel Farkas (FCCA Operations Committee) look to drive strong results for Caribbean tourism in 2023.

Two of the Caribbean’s leading bodies focused on developing and promoting the region’s tourism interests are articulating their vision for the year ahead.


The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) intends to build on the region’s strong industry performance of 2022, which included some destinations surpassing their record-breaking benchmark performances of 2019.


Through its Operations Committee and other activities, the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) remains committed to strengthening relationships between destinations, ports and FCCA members, as well as further developing and enhancing the guest experience in destinations while expanding opportunities for stakeholders and citizens.


Under the leadership of Kenneth Bryan, Chairman of the CTO Council of Ministers and Commissioners of Tourism and Minister of Tourism and Transport for the Cayman Islands, and Daniel Farkas, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Norwegian Cruise Line, who will serve as Chair of FCCA’s Operations Committee, respectively, the outlook for Caribbean tourism is firmly fixed on growth and sustainability.


CTO Focal Points


  • Create mechanisms to ensure that the Caribbean remains among the five fastest growing tourism regions in the world, including expansion of marketing efforts to non-traditional markets outside of the U.S., U.K. and Europe


  • Ensuring sustainable funding, including foreign direct investment, to ensure market growth and development of the sector’s key assets


  • Research, product development, including human resource development, and marketing to ensure the CTO’s continued leadership in the development of regional tourism


  • Reposition the CTO to effectively lead the region in developing tourism into a more resilient and robust sector


FCCA Operations Committee Focal Points


  • Strengthen mutual understanding and success between the cruise industry, governments, ports and other stakeholders


  • Continued partnership and collaboration efforts


  • Addressing issues related to tourism development, ports, safety and security


  • Building bilateral relationships with FCCA’s partner destinations’ private and public sectors


  • Fostering increased revenue opportunities for ports and destinations
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